Paul Brock

Denis Carey

Eimear Arkins

Shane Farrell

Paul Brock – accordion, melodeon

Button accordion and melodeon player Paul Brock is a multiple All-Ireland champion from Athlone, County Westmeath now residing in Ennis, County Clare. Brock’s solo album, Mo Charidin, was described by the Rough Guide to Irish Music as “a masterpiece of accordion playing”.

Brock co-founded Brock McGuire Band in 2000 with fiddle player Manus McGuire. The band recorded several highly acclaimed albums, most recently Green Grass Blue Grass, a celebration of the connection between Appalachian and Irish music with 14-time GRAMMY Award winner Ricky Skaggs.

As a soloist, Brock has toured extensively internationally. He has performed with leading musicians and has been a special guest artist on a number of occasions with acclaimed Irish band The Chieftains. In 1989, Brock and McGuire co-founded Moving Cloud, with whom he recorded two award winning albums. Brock’s 2006 collaboration with Enda Scahill, Humdinger, was voted “Irish Music Album of the Year” by The Irish Times and “Instrumental Album of the Year” by The Irish American News.

Denis Carey – piano,composition

A native of Newport, Co. Tipperary, Denis Carey is a musician, composer, arranger, and educator. By expertly folding classical, jazz, and popular music into the Irish traditional style, Carey contributes a diverse stylistic ability and musical consciousness that is an integral part of the band’s distinctive musical sound.

Many of his compositions have been performed by various international groups and orchestras, including Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Nova Scotia, and the Scottish National Orchestra.

Carey is recognized as an exceptional teacher across all musical genres, instruments, and levels. Carey is the proprietor of one if Ireland’s largest musical academies, the Peter Dee Academy of Music in Limerick. His book, Denis Carey: Own Compositions was published in 2012 and on his album Moving On, features some of Ireland’s leading musicians.

Eimear Arkins – fiddle, song, dance

Eimear Arkins is a multi-instrumentalist from Ruan in County Clare. In addition to playing the fiddle, harp and tin whistle, Arkins is also an award-winning singer in both Irish and English and dancer. She holds 11 All-Ireland titles across a variety of competition categories and has toured extensively throughout Europe, Canada and North America with a number of bands, including Cherish the Ladies.

Shane Farrell – banjo, fiddle, bodhran, guitar, mandolin, song

Shane Farrell is a multi-instrumentalist born in Manchester, UK to Irish parents. He grew up in a household steeped in traditional Irish music and started playing at 7 years of age. He quickly mastered mandolin, before progressing to banjo and fiddle. He has been performing live since the age of 12 with a variety of musicians and groups around the world including The Irish Rovers, Charlie & the Bhoys & Lúnasa. Farrell was All Britain and All Ireland World Champion on Fiddle, Banjo & Mandolin on numerous occasions, and has won many awards playing with Ó Carolan Ceili Band.